Treatments Offered

With an extended first consult (1 hr) Dr. Rayburn will work with you to prioritize health goals and find a treatment plan for success. Some of the services/programs she offers are listed below. For more information please don't hesitate to contact the clinic.


Full Wellness Programs

Need more energy, better sleep, or direction for prevention of disease? Dr. Rayburn ND will help you understand your current state of health through thorough intake, physical exam, and laboratory investigation. She will provide clear steps in lifestyle counseling, clinical nutrition, as well as botanical medicine to help you reach your goals!


Women's Health

Dr. Rayburn ND provides care for all stages of women's health, from education of adolescents, fertility support as well as menopause support. With a full service clinic Dr. Rayburn can offer women's wellness exams (PAP, Pelvic exams and breast exams), hormonal counseling, as well as energy and stress support through the different hormonal transitions of aging. Dr. Rayburn takes an individual approach to care ensuring each patient receives the personalized protocol to best meet their needs. 


Advanced Disease CAre

Chronic degenerative disease effects patients on every level. Dr. Rayburn will take the time to evaluate stages of illness and ensure a thorough individualized protocol is in place to address not only your current health state but also reducing future risk of disease sequelae. This may include advanced approaches such as intravenous therapy, mistletoe therapy, and orthomolecular medicine. 

Dr. Rayburn ND understands the importance of emotional health for yourself and your family/caregivers while battling illness. She will help you with resources and take the time to ensure support is there when needed.